Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So we all know contouring is a very difficult thing to do, if you aren't careful you can just be bright orange..
We thought we would give some tips on how we like to do it and what our favourite products are :)
Contouring products are something that is hard to get your hands on but oh-so-useful! It is best to just buff these products into the skin using some kind of buffing/blush brush (our favourite is the real techniques buffing brush) in small circles down the line of the cheekbone, parallel to the jaw line.

This contouring was done using the 'Nars Multiple' in South Beach. We love cream bronzers because you never have to worry about getting that over-powered effect that can just look cakey! This is not matte but there is only a very light, natural shimmer.
Tip: if you bring this up onto your cheekbones, it can also work as a blusher s it has slight hints of pink!

Had we the money, the Soleil Tan De Chanel would be a definite must! And very satisfying to walk to the Chanel counter to buy it, thus proving to their sales assistants that we arent shoplifters and we are genuinely buying things! Sadly we do not have this, but we have a few other contour powders that should get a mention.

Something that must get a mention is the Sleek Contour Kit. This is amazing, though be careful how you apply it because it is quite heavy! By far the cheapest option, at £6.50, this really IS a bargain! And what's more, it comes with an amazing powder highlighter that rivals most other highlighters we have found.
We cannot say enough good things bout this and the Sleek brand in general - if you haven't already you should definitely invest in some!

Finally, the last contour powder and probably the most natural is a MAC blush (yes, blush!) in Harmony. It is a light brown colour, so not really a blush at all yet it is not shimmery so is not a bronzer either really. It is reaaally natural though which is always good!

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  1. Great tips hun!
    I have given you a blog award!!
    Love your blog. :)
    <3 Laura x

  2. I would own Chanel soleil de tan:)


  3. thank you girls for the conturing tips! i have dark skin so i often find myself using dark powder to do it...still need practice though : ) i'd love to try a sleek palette!

  4. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  5. yes of course! followed you now i reaally like your blog :) xoxo